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Customer reviews and satisfaction are extremly important to us
    I was thrilled with Ilford Cleaners when they cleaned some rugs for me after I had decorated. The service was carried out really well, and for a good cost. The rugs looked amazingly fresh and clean after the service, money well spent!  
Melissa P.13/01/2016
    I moved new into the area and was looking for a cleaner who could help me with my comprehensive cleaning. It took a bit of time to find the right company in Ilford Cleanng Services, however when I did I was so pleased. The cleaning service that was offered to me was of superb quality and I have never been more impressed. Thank you very much!  
Lenny T.01/12/2015
    We got the house refurbishment done this spring. It became essential to clean the house regularly so that it doesn't get cluttered and dusty. We hired Ilford Cleanng Services for the work on a friend's recommendation. They have now been cleaning our house twice every week. They ensure that we walk into a dust free and well maintained house. Their service is pocket friendly and value for money. Highly recommended.  
Jennifer G.19/08/2015
    The job that was done was nothing less than fantastic! IlfordCleaners sent professional cleaners to do my spring cleaning and all I was left with was a big WOW. The agency had managed to turn my home upside down, I am now very happy to be living in this house. Unfortunately, I am not very clean, I will admit that. But thanks to this company the house is now in a completely different state.  
    IlfordCleaners and their cleaning services are definitely worth a go if you hate cleaning or if you don't have the time. I needed carpet cleaners who could clean the floors of my home quickly and effectively. Seeing the difference this company made to my home was incredible - it was like having brand new carpets! This is a more than professional service and well worth the money!  
Lydia F.29/01/2015
    I spend a lot of time travelling for work, so when I am at home the last thing I want to do is clean the bathroom or clean the over. Professional cleaners at IlfordCleaners take care of all that for me while I am away on business, so when I return home to what I call my sanctuary it is always sparkling and clean. I am billed once a month and pay via direct debit. All the cleaners are vetted and have clean criminal records and are discreet and trustworthy. I'd be lost without them!  
Nicholas F.15/01/2015
    When I moved out of my last flat IlfordCleaners did the end of tenancy cleaning and I must thank them for the hard work they did as they probably saved my deposit! I was dreading cleaning the oven and the bathroom as these were quite messy and I am not very good at scrubbing away at things but this cleaning company managed to do it all and it was spotless by the time they had finished. It was very handy that they brought all their own cleaning products as it saved us from having to buy anything new for them.  
Katy N.14/11/2014
    Our previous office cleaners had let us down once too often and I had been recommended IlfordCleaners by a colleague who had used them in the past. I gave them a ring and was pleased at their rates. The cleaners come in each weekday morning and they always leave the place spotless. The kitchen, bathrooms and all of the work areas are pristine when we get in to work every day. I have spoken to the cleaners on several occasions and they are lovely people and dedicated to their work. It is an impressive service that I think businesses in the area should definitely try!  
Brad Evans09/10/2014
    When I buy or hire anything, there's a set of standards that it must meet. It needs to be good quality and dependable - if it's not, then I'll keep on looking. It's mindsets like this that lead you to excellent companies like IlfordCleaners! They took my quality standards to heart, and then proceeded to exceed my expectations. Their cleaning services are the finest that I've ever hired, and because of this I've already scheduled another clean for next week and the week after. Ever since I got in touch the first time, it feels like a burden's been lifted on my shoulders. It feels good to be able to relax once in a while, and it's all thanks to them!  
    Being at university has been tough. To afford my rent, I needed to work a lot of hours so as soon as lectures finish, I'm off to work. Any days off from university I have, I spend working and any days off from work I have, I spend doing university work. It's a never ending cycle. My housemates were complaining that I never helped out around the house and because of that nothing ever got done. We all decided to hire a cleaner from IlfordCleaners to put an end to the arguments and it was the best decision we've ever made.  
    I wanted to surprise my wife with an immaculately clean house when she got home from visiting a sick relative. I called a new firm called IlfordCleaners to do a complete spring clean and cover all the bits and pieces we didn't do much. The workers were brilliant they did a fantastic job. The place was amazing everything looked so hygienically clean and tidy. On return my wife was thrilled at the place. I was in her good books for thinking about such things and she now wants a regular weekly cleaning service to help her whilst she works.  
Dave Nuggen12/06/2014
    We love IlfordCleaners here in the Thompson household. They always brighten the house and make our place look lovely every time they come round! The kids are big fans, and the cleaning staff even get on with our big dog, Russel. We will be using the team for many more years, and hope that they will be keeping their fantastic prices and services the same, so that everyone can benefit from the excellent value cleaning that they give us!   
J. Thompson14/05/2014
    I had so much to organise for my house move that my end of tenancy cleaning was soon forgotten about. By the time I did remember it was already too late for me to schedule in the time to do it myself, so I chose to hire end of tenancy cleaners from IlfordCleaners. I've never used a professional cleaning service before and so I wasn't sure of what to expect. Luckily I was very pleased with the service, and my home looked brilliant once they'd finished - much better than I'd have been able to get it! I'm considering hiring a regular house cleaner for my new home from this company, and it's all thanks to their excellent staff!  
    I was looking for a company to clean my offices for a very long time, but I couldn't trust anyone around all my expensive equipment which I have spent a lot of money on and have had damaged by cleaners in the past. I heard great things about IlfordCleaners's office cleaning services so I thought I'd give them a try. They did a fantastic job and even cleaned my equipment without damaging or breaking it. The office looked and smelled great. I would never hire another company again as this one is absolutely fantastic. Great service + low price = Happy me!  
Reece Willoughby27/03/2014
    I don't believe people who say they enjoy cleaning! What is there to enjoy? It's long, it's repetitive, and there are just so many other things that I'd rather be doing with my time! I thought that hiring a professional cleaner would be the answer to all of my problems, and IlfordCleaners have yet to disappoint me! This is a fantastic service if you're looking for something reliable and budget friendly - but don't go thinking you're going to get a shoddy job! The cleaners at this company are very thorough, and I'm more than pleased with my choice of cleaning company!  
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