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Have you seen just how good the results of our Ilford carpet cleaning service IG1 are?

Ilford Rug Cleaner IG2As a service provider, we know we are in a results business. If the results aren’t perfect every time then we do not get repeat custom; that much is simple. Our business here at Ilford Cleaners is cleaning, and we are extremely good at it. From office desks to living room skirting rails, we will bring anything back to its best and keep it that way. But one particular part of the home and office we are adept at cleaning is the carpet. To obtain a free quote why not call 020 3743 8129 today.

Carpets are too often neglected in our homes and workplaces, as our IG1 carpet cleaners are often under the false impression that a weekly brush over with a vacuum will rid it of all the dirt and dust and maintain its condition. Unfortunately it won’t. Domestic hoovers are only capable of removing a percentage of the little bits that find their way onto your carpet, meaning over time the unwanted inhabitants build up, making your carpet appear dull and tired.

Hire Dedicated Carpet Cleaners Across Ilford and Save Money

That is why it is always worth having your IG2 carpet professionally cleaned at least every couple of years. For a small fee we will bring your carpet back to its best, ridding it of all the inorganic inhabitants that your domestic vacuum is simply not tough enough to tackle. Keeping your carpet in a good state will help to prolong its life, meaning the cost of having it professionally cleaned is completely justified as that money would otherwise have to be put towards a new one, which would be considerably more expensive.

IG1 Floor Washing IlfordUnlike most other IG1 carpet cleaning companies out there, we will also clean your carpet the way it needs to be cleaned. By that we mean we are not a single-solution company; we don’t just dry-foam or steam clean every single carpet we are tasked with cleaning. When we arrive at the house of each and every one of our customers we will first assess it. We will look to see whether it is loop pile, flatweave, twist pile or something else and then ascertain what material or mixture of materials it is made from. We will also take its age and level of staining into consideration before deciding on a particular technology to use, and this will always be the one that we think will achieve the best results.

Trust Our Respectable Carpet Cleaners in Ilford, IG1 for the Best Cleaning Results

We keep you in the loop (pardon the pun) at every step of the process, informing you of which method we will be using and why, before proceeding to clean a small patch of your carpet, usually a tucked away corner, before cleaning the whole floor just to check that you are happy with the result. Trust us, you will be happy! This is simply done to give you peace of mind that your flooring is in the hands of professionals. Similarly once we are finished cleaning the entire carpet we will ask you to inspect it and give us the thumbs up before we leave. If you are not 100% happy we will continue to work until you are. Rest assured that we will achieve a fantastic finish first time, so much so that most of our customers go on to use our service regularly, which speaks volumes about just how good it is.

So if your flooring is looking a little tired why not enlist the help of a professional IG2 carpet cleaning Ilford company. Call Ilford Cleaners on 020 3743 8129, obtain a free quote and give your carpets a real treat. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.



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