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Using Vinegar To Clean Your Home 27 June 2014
Using Vinegar To Clean Your Home

Did you know that you can use white vinegar to give your home the thorough clean that it deserves? Eco-friendly and environmentally green cleaning products are the safe, inexpensive and sanitary way to keep your home smelling fresh and feeling as clean as it should. Lots of people are choosing to use more green cleaning products in their home, and if you want to make the transition yourself then here’s how you can do it!1)    Make your own antibacterial spray.It’s cheap and easy to make your own antibacterial cleaning spray that doesn’t use any chemicals. Just mix together one part lemon juice or distilled white vinegar with three parts water and you’ll have a mixture that’s great for wiping down your kitchen sides, cleaning your bath and even keeping the glass in your home streak-free! Try reusing an old spray bottle to create a spray that’s versatile for use in your home. 2)    Get rid of limescale in your home.Distilled white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda are great household items that, when combined, make a fantastic limescale remover! The two mix to create a thick foam – leave this on your taps, faucets or anywhere where you might have a build-up of limescale for a few hours before buffing it away with clean water and an old or soft toothbrush. The limescale will simply melt away leaving your taps looking as good as new! 3)    Removing odours in your home.It can sometimes be difficult to tackle bad odours and unwanted smells in your home, especially if you’re struggling to find the root of the problem! Try leaving a bowl filled with vinegar in the room overnight and by the morning you’ll find all unpleasant odours have been eradicated! 4)    Lifting stains from clothes.It’s a little-known fact that white vinegar can help to lift and remove tough stains from your clothes. Whether you’ve been struggling with a tough wine or coffee stain, or if you just can’t get mud or grass stains out of your clothes then why not give white vinegar a go? Simply buff a little vinegar into the stain before throwing your clothes in the wash. The vinegar will make a huge difference and can lift stains in no time at all – you’ll be more than impressed with the results! Try drying white clothes outside so that the UV rays of the sun can keep your whites looking white! 5)    Cleaning your floors.White vinegar is safe to use on most types of floors, and its natural antibacterial properties make it a great choice for the floors in your home. As long as you have no-wax flooring in your home then it’s absolutely fine to use white vinegar to clean your floors. Add one cup of white vinegar to every gallon of water that you need and you’ll have a fantastically affordable and efficient floor cleaner! Mix in a bucket and use your mop straight away to kill bacteria, remove marks on your floors and leave your home free from unwanted and unpleasant bad smells! 6)    Rinsing your washing machine.Place a capful of distilled white vinegar into your washing machine and run a cycle without any items inside. The vinegar will work to lift soapy build-ups in your machine, meaning it can do a more thorough and efficient cleaning job every time that you use it!

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