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Tips For Cleaning Floor Surfaces 06 March 2015
Tips For Cleaning Floor Surfaces

To keep your house clean, floor cleaning is an important thing to focus on. Many of your domestic cleaning chores will centre on vacuuming or mopping different floor surfaces. Depending on what floor surfaces you have in your home, you will need to use different cleaning methods. For the best results on a range of floor surfaces during your house cleaning, consider some of these handy tips.

Carpet cleaning

It is a lovely feeling to take off your shoes and feel warm, soft carpet beneath your feet. The first and most effective method to take in carpet cleaning is to vacuum regularly. This will suck up dirt and dust particles that can otherwise linger and damage the fibres in the carpet. It is also a good idea to deep clean your carpets by hiring a professional cleaning company who specialise in this area. You should consider doing this every 12 to 18 months, but more often if you have pets or kids in the house who make carpet even messier.

Wooden floorboards

Floorboards add a lovely, rustic charm to the home. This type of floor surface does require regular cleaning to keep it looking in top condition. A good preventative measure to help with keeping your house clean when you have floorboards is to position a doormat both inside and outside doors leading into the house. This will catch mud and dirt and stop them being trampled through the house. Also use floor protectors under furniture and rugs to stop the floor surface getting scratched. In addition to this, sweep and mop the floors regularly.

Tile cleaning

If you have tiles in your kitchen or bathroom, the first step to keeping them looking clean and tidy is vacuum or sweep regularly. You should aim to do this about three times a week as part of your home cleaning schedule. For added shine and to remove dirt hiding between the cracks, mop regularly also. Fill a bucket with warm, soapy water and use a chamois-type mop or microfiber mop. These product better results as unlike sponge mops, they do not push dirty water into grout lines. When this happens, the floor tiles end up looking cloudy and unclean which is not the result you want.

Linoleum cleaning

Unlike vinyl, linoleum is more vulnerable to wear and tear. Therefore you need to take care in cleaning this floor surface. First of all, vacuum the floor space and pay particular attention to corners as this is where dust is most likely to accumulate. Then fill a bucket with warm water and add some dish soap, about 5 or 6 drops should be enough. Use this to mop the floor surface. Remember to wring out the mop each time thoroughly so that there is no excess water or moisture. After doing this once, mop the surface again using just warm water. Make sure you dry the floor after the second mopping, using old towels. It is important to dry the floor so that the floor doesn’t absorb moisture, otherwise it can begin to look dull.

Outdoor cleaning – concrete, tiles and pavers

As you clean the house, it is important not to neglect outdoor floor surfaces as well. Generally, for these outdoor surfaces sweeping is the most effective method. As you sweep, you remove dust and leaf debris. Pay particular attention to the cracks between tiles and pavers as this is where dirt is most likely to linger. Also hose the pavers, tiles or concrete to give it a deep clean.

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