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Environmentally Friendly Cleaning: Making Your Home and the World a Better Place 16 October 2014
Environmentally Friendly Cleaning: Making Your Home and the World a Better Place

Cleaning your home can be a tough chore as it is. You will spend hours and hours each week trying to keep your abode looking good by seeing to all the necessary chores. These range from dusting and polios, sorting and vacuuming t disaffecting, removing stains and more. These can all take their toll on our, draining your energy and time. You perform your home cleaning anyway though because you want pleasant place you can feel happy, safe and comfortable. The world, much like your home, needs to be looked after so it too is an enjoyable place to be. In order to do this we must adhere to many things so that Earth is not damaged. We will take many steps to be as environmentally friendly as possible and this can sometimes be tough. You may think of major life changing steps such as adding solar panels or buying a hybrid care, but it can be much simpler. You can help the environments you clean your home, though this will add to the work you do. If you want to see how you can keep your domestic cleaning simple while helping nature at the same time, then read on. The items you use should be carefully considered for a green clean. Detergents, bleaches and similar cleaners can often let off chemicals that can harm the environment so these should be avoided as much as possible. Instead, you can use white vinegar and baking soda that can be just as effective and will not harm the environment. Be sure to only buy cloths and paper towels that you can recycle easily. Also, try to find items that come in packaging that can also be recycled and avoid plastic if able. A recycling them should be in effect in your home. Throwing things away and having the collect to be placed in a landfill will harm the environment and so you should seek alternatives. There already may be a recycling programme in your area, so use the bags and boxes you are given, place the correct materials inside and place them out to be collected on the right day. These goods will be made into new products, so you aren’t wasting anything. Nearby recycling bins will allow you to properly get rid of other materials such as clothes, rather than throwing them away. Reusing items can help the environment and save you money. If you have any boxes left over from an item, place goods inside of it. Putting smaller goods within such containers will reduce clutter and prevent them from being lost. Reuse old clothes and sheets as washing rags or wear them when doing cleaning, gardening work, painting, etc, so you newer clothes aren’t torn, frayed or dirtied. Plastic bags can always be reused again, whether to transport your shopping, to place litter within or used to group together miscellaneous goods inside. Any torn plastic bags can be recycled at a local depot. When performing a house clean, you will often come across items you no longer need. Rather than throwing anything away that is still usable, you could give them to friends or family who are interested in the item, sell them at a market, to a second-hand store or online. A charity shop will be happy to take any goods from you it can sell. This step can help the Earth, other people and keep your home free of clutter. These steps not only improve your home, but also help the environment, see what green house cleaning can do for you.

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