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Eco Friendly Cost Effective Cleaning 09 February 2015
Eco Friendly Cost Effective Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning ourselves and our home then eco friendly is a fantastic place to start. If you are conscious about what you are eating then you should definitely be conscious about what you are putting onto your skin. Our skin is extremely absorbent and things we wash with, touch and breath in can be just as harmful as the things we eat. A domestic clean that is good for your health and wellbeing doesn’t have to break the bank and can in fact turn out to be cheaper than buying expensive equipment and harsh chemicals. -    Eco washing balls. Or bottles that you refill in the store. Many health shops now provide a service where you can simply refill your bottle of laundry detergent therefore you are creating less waste for the environment. They also work with more natural products for cleaning your clothes, great for those who suffer from sensitive skin. -    Bicarbonate of soda. This is the base you will find in almost every cleaning product available out there to buy and it’s cheap for you to purchase alone. Mix it with other natural cleaning essentials such as lemon juice or vinegar and you have a very powerful cleaning product naturally. Mix it with baking soda and sprinkle it over your floor for effective carpet cleaning. -    Feather duster. An oldie but a goodie, great for getting into all those hard to reach places especially if you get an extendable one. These are perfect for picking up dust and are easy to clean and reusable for a long time afterwards. Shake off when you are done and you can hoover up any fallen dust. Make sure you use your duster first and then finish your floor after. -    Bees wax. This is a great tool for polishing wood or leather. If you have a leather couch, then a sofa clean is not complete without this tool. Use a cloth with a small amount on and run gently over the leather or the wood surface and watch it really come to life. -    Microfiber cloths. These are cheap to buy and easy to wash. They won’t leave any little bits on your surfaces when you are done with them either. Cloths are great for any planet friendly clean as they can be washed and used again, so opt for them when scrubbing. A bucket and soapy water with a cloth works well for dirt, then use another to dry the area. -    Natural cleaning products. If you want natural soaps and detergents that don’t break the bank, then some health stores do low cost versions. Homemade is always best but if you don’t want the hassle then there are products available out there. Read the ingredients to make sure you know what you are getting. This is a great idea for upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning which is harder to do naturally. -    Lemon and salt. The best cleaning devise you could possible make is a lemon cut in half and some salt sprinkled over the top. Lemon juice is great cleaner and dissolves grease and grime easily. The salt acts like an exfoliating scrubber and will lift off any stuck in stains. Use it for oven cleaning and on the bathroom soap scum. -    Professionals. If you have to go down this route then pick from cleaning agencies that are environmentally friendly. If you want to hire a cleaning company there are plenty out there who go down the more natural route so look around and make sure you are finding the best one for you.

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