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Cleaning Your Bachelor Pad Like A Professional 11 April 2014
Cleaning Your Bachelor Pad Like A Professional

The modern man is changing. He no longer believes in the olden world of sexist positioning, and can as happily wield a feather duster as he can a bottle of champagne or a fine fountain pen. You will no doubt presume that as a successful young bachelor, a maid or cleaner is the only way forward, but you would not want to be accused of being pathetically incapable of looking after yourself now would you? In fact, the only reason that someone would have a maid is if they lived in a hotel, which surely many successful bachelors do... However, being able to tidy up after yourself and achieve the zen art of keeping your home in as good shape as you keep yourself is a fantastic part of being a well rounded person. It’s all well and good being able to stay out until the early hours, but if you can’t hold it down at work the next day, you are useless. Much goes the same for the home; you can live in a carefree way, but you have to ensure that it extends beyond the parties and the fine food - can you keep things clean with the same style?To start with, you need the effective tools for the job. A compact but powerful vacuum cleaner will be perfect for maneuvering around the priceless art that no doubt litters the house. If it is cordless then that’s even better. You need to ensure that this is well maintained, as otherwise they can lose suction, which is any man’s nightmare. Some vacuum cleaners are even designed to deal with wet spills, which is perfect if a slightly less balanced guest were to drop a glass of Dom Perigean ’62 on your cashmere carpet. Steam cleaning is a fuss free and environmentally friendly way of dealing with the hard surfaces, handheld steamer units will blast the dirt with hot vapor until it is totally sanitized and easy to wipe clean. You will obviously need a microfiber mop to prevent scratching the marble flooring, and a decent dustpan and brush for the littering of broken glasses that will no doubt be found in ungodly parts of the house the following morning. Getting the right sort of schedule to your day will prevent the cleaning becoming a chore rather than a simple part of living your life. You do not groan and lament cleaning yourself in the shower, as it is as regular as breathing, and if you can apply the same ideas to cleaning the house then you will do very well out of it. So, find those hidden spots in the day where you can get a couple of things done, rather than playing online poker or watching MTV, why not vacuum the living room or dust the walk in wardrobe down? It’s all very simple, the more often you get round to such things, the faster you will become at doing them, and the less dust will settle between cleans. You will become a veritable cleaning beast, polishing walnut detailing here, dusting off the egg and dart architrave there, like a real modern gent. Upkeep of the home is a must, and it has as much to do with health as aesthetics, both of which are of utmost importance to any decent young chap. Being free to concentrate hard on whatever important endeavor it is that you’re undertaking, whether plotting the sailing trip round the British Virgin Islands for next summer, or having a look over the accounts, will all be down to how calm and clean your home is.

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